What are they?

Inflammatory conditions that occur due to the placement of bacteria or viruses on the skin.

What are the symptoms?

It is blazing itself in the form of redness, swelling, blistering, pain, and occasionally leakage and inflammation on the skin surface.

Why does it occur?

The entrance gate occurs from erosions that occur after a scratch, cut or intense scratching in which the skin barrier is broken, and from here, bacteria and viruses enter under the skin and create an infection.

Why should it be treated?

Since it is highly contagious, skin infections can also mix with the blood and reach the internal organs and damage them, so it is very important to treat them.

What kind of treatment is applied?

Treatments such as local and systemic, antiseptic dressings, skin cleansing and antibiotic treatments are applied.

What should be taken care of?

Conditions such as insect bites, cuts, burns or chronic skin disorders on the skin impair skin integrity, so treating such conditions is very important to restore skin integrity. Taking care of our inner health individually and strengthening our immune system acts as a protective shield for us in such infections.

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