Beard Transplantation

Historically growing beard and moustache among men were sign of power and maturity. Especially in some of the cultures even recently men were allowed to work, enjoy entertainment, join the military, get married after puberty or in some cases after growing facial hair. Although in the last century western world adopted a clean shaved face as a sign of hygiene and civilization, with advance of social media the image of bushy men with beards have made growing facial hair popular again.

Beard transplant can be applied to men with no beard or very thin beard and applied after the age of 18. The donor area for beard and moustache transplantation is again the back of the head and neck area. The genetics of the hair from this area is immune to loss and through circulation and nutrition adopts to the implanted area. Just like in hair transplant local anesthesia is applied and then grafts are removed from the donor area with micro motors and transplanted to the face of the patient after channels are opened with Sapphire Blades. Number of Grafts to be transplanted depends on many factors such as the availability, quality of the donor area, as well as the size of the transplantation area. As always, we maximize this number according to the needs of the patient regardless of time and effort. The direction of the channels plays an utmost role for a natural look and ease of aftercare. Since the nourishment of the face area is very rich recovery is very fast.

The growth of beard and moustache starts right after the transplant procedure. Maximum care should be taken to protect the newly transplanted grafts. Within 10 days redness and scabs on the face disappear. Patient can expect shock loss within 1-2 month. Implants fully emerge from the 3rd month and full density is reached within in 8-10 months. During this period, it is recommended that only scissors be used for cutting and trimming beard and moustache.

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