Allergic Skin Disease

What is it?

It is the reaction that manifests itself with itching and swelling that occur as a result of excessive reaction of our skin and immune system against internal or external factors.

What are the symptoms?

They are skin lesions that appear suddenly with swelling, itching and edema. Sometimes, this condition can progress and turn into life-threatening conditions such as inability to breathe.

Why does it occur?

It can occur due to drugs, infections, insect or insect bites, foods, sunlight, psychological factors and temperature changes.

Why should it be treated?

Treatment is essential because it disrupts the comfort of life and affects the patient’s sleep pattern and psychology, and because of the risk of threatening vital functions.

What kind of treatment is applied?

The allergen should be found and removed. Cream that stops itching and antihistamine tablets can be taken. Vaccine treatments give good results in some patients. Biological agent treatments may also be considered as an option in patients who do not respond to all these treatments.

What should be taken care to?

In food allergies, attention should be paid to gluten, milk and similar substances. The contents of the care products used should be looked at and products suitable for sensitive or babies should be preferred. Keeping pets at home should be avoided, hot environments, stress and sun exposure should be avoided.

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