What are they?

It is an inflammatory reaction of the skin in response to external and internal stimuli.

What are the symptoms?

In the acute period, symptoms such as redness, edema, and watering can be seen on the skin. In the chronic period, it manifests itself as more dandruff, peeling, skin thickening and discoloration.

Why does it occur?

Eczema formation basically consists of two reasons,

Internal causes: genetic factors, hormonal factors, infections, stress, food, etc.

External reasons: cleaning products, chemicals used in some occupational groups, personal care products, frequent showering, sun, wind, cold, heat, etc.

Why should it be treated?

Untreated eczema in the initial period may cause skin thickening and discoloration. The feeling of itching that does not go away also makes patients very uncomfortable. At the same time, there is a risk of infection from fine scratches formed in the itchy area. For this reason, treatment is so important.

Whom can be applied to?

Since it can be seen at any age from birth to death, it can be treated in all age groups.

What kind of treatment is applied?

Treatments such as skin moisturizing, use of special skin care products, use of allergy-blocking tablets and creams can be performed. But first of all, what causes eczema must be found. For this purpose, some allergic skin tests can be done.

What should be taken care to?

Shower intake should be adjusted according to the seasons and too frequent showering should be avoided. Personal care products that will not harm the skin should be preferred. The environment we are in should be adequately ventilated, and the humidity and heat balance should be well adjusted. Our areas that enter the water should be moistened after entering the water. We should pay attention to the foods we eat and avoid stress. Care should be taken against objects containing wool or feathers, pouches, fibers and very hot applications should be avoided.

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