About Us

Omg Clinic is founded by Dr. Doğuş Yalçın(Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon) , İbrahim Kuzu (Physics B.Sc. and Electronic Engineering M.S.) and Başar Çetin ( Genetic and Bioengineering B.Sc. and Bioengineering M.S.) who bring on their Medical, Medical Tourism and Management experience. Omg Clinic is a full-service clinic in the fields of hair, beard, eyebrow and moustache transplantation, hair care and treatments, clinical service, and aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology. We serve our patients in the heart of Istanbul in Nişantaşı with our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced medical team for their treatment.

We are an international clinic operating both in Turkey and registered office in UK. In our clinic, treatments are carried out in single rooms by providing an individual service and satisfying the comfort, hygiene outcome expectations of our patients. The responsible manager of our medical team and clinic is Dermatologist Expert İhsaniye Dönmez Çiçek, who has 27 years of experience. All our processes in the clinic are regularly audited by our manager and health professionals. Since a hygienic and sterile environment is indispensable for medical treatment, both the environment we provide treatment in our clinic and the medical equipment we use are provided individually and sterile. Hair transplantation in our clinic is carried out by our hair transplantation coordinator and expert team who have 15 years of experience. Our hair transplantation coordinator has major in the field of biology and is a certificated anesthesia technician. Our clinic  treats each client’s skin and hair structure individually and  applies a specific treatment to every patient who comes to our clinic. Patients who come to our clinic for hair transplantation are dermatologically examined in detail, and when a damaged situation is detected, intervention is performed and remedied and then hair transplantation is performed. Courtesy of our dermatologist’s long-term education and experience in different fields, we can apply a wide range of skin treatments.

Our Services


Developing and advancing technology allows us to invite the whole world to our clinic with a single click. You can reach our team for a complete free of charge and live consultation, whenever wherever you want. You can get detailed information about our hair transplantation and dermatology services, and our clinic.

From the moment you decide to visit us, we offer you;

VIP Transfer

Our friendly and sincere transfer team will greet you with warmth and attention like a family member and will follow your flight times with all meticulousness from your arrival to the airport. Our transfer vehicles offer a capacity of up to 6 people, so you can easily travel with your companions. You will not have transportation issues thanks to our experienced and time-sensitive drivers who are experienced in heavy Istanbul transportation and can support you for all your travels.


For your comfort and well being we arrange our accommodation service in hotels within walking distance of our clinic. We work with hotels that serve the guests in clean,  renovated and specious rooms. Our hotels have 24hr security guards, reception, room service and concierge services  who respond immediately to the needs of the guests. In addition, it offers an open buffet breakfast, swimming pool, massage, spa and gym service.

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Travelling to a different country raises questions about communication. Communication is one of the most indispensable values for us. As a team, we employ people who speak at least two languages to understand the needs of our patients. Our medical and technical team with many years of experience can immediately understand the needs of patients and provide support to them. Our patients are supported by our well-spoken translators throughout the entire process.

Your Fellow Traveler

From the consultation to the exit from Istanbul, our teammates are at your side with all your problems. You can reach our team at any time in terms of both information and support at all stages of your process. Our process is not limited to the operation in Turkey, but our team follows the patients on a monthly basis after they return to their countries.

Why Omg Clinic to Choose?

As a clinical and medical team, we do not compromise on quality at any point, and we do our best to provide premium service. We offer our patients the maximum level of interest and support from the very first moment we met. As a clinic and team, we do our best with our experienced and polite team to give our patients the information they request and listen to their needs. Our clinic has been designed to provide an individual service designed to fully meet the physically and psychologically needs of our patients . Our team carries out the whole process with their professional experience and training and undergoes regular audits to ensure that the works are accurate and reliable. Every visitor or patient coming to our clinic states that they feel as if they are visiting a relative in a warm and friendly environment. We can see the success and quality of the procedures performed in our clinic in the satisfaction of the patients. Our only expectation from our patients after the treatment is that they follow the post-treatment instructions. Our support team is following this closely and strictly. Our goal is for every patient to complete the treatment with a satisfied and smiling experience. No operation in the clinic is only about the result for us, we offer the best experience to our patients from the very beginning to the end. In favor of our adequate equipment, we offer a medical solution to address any slightest problem that may occur in our patient during or after the operation. The fact that our team is experienced but still young, dynamic and open to continuous development carries our clinic forward day by day. Our professionals being competent and proficient , enables easy communication with them. They can quickly understand the needs of the patient and respond immediately.

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