Hair Diseases

All diseases seen in the skin are also seen in the hair. Here we discussed the most common and different hair loss.

Hair Loss


What is it?

It is called “hair loss” by the public. Normally, loss of 70-100 hairs per day is seen, but if this figure exceeds the face and the duration exceeds two months, this is called hair loss.

What are the symptoms?

It is in the form of opening on the scalp and sometimes itching.

Why does it happen?

Genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, some drugs taken from outside, psychological stress, hormonal disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies of the body cause hair loss. Sometimes, sudden hair loss can be seen after acute infection.

What kind of treatment is applied?

First of all, the cause of hair loss should be eliminated. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be corrected. If there is a hormonal disorder, it should be amended. A psychiatric consultation may be helpful in stress-related situations. In addition, strengthening treatments such as mesotherapy applied to the hair, PRP treatments and hair laser provide very high benefits. Each treatment is individual and the drugs and mesotherapy products used vary depending on the situation in that person. In recent years, stem cell treatments have also started to be applied in hair loss.

What are the types of hair loss?

  • Ringworm type: it is the shedding seen as clear-limited plaques due to stress.
  • Postpartum shedding
  • Male pattern androgenic hair loss: It is a type of hair loss that occurs genetically with the effect of androgens.
  • Shedding during menopause
  • Trauma-related hair loss
  • Hair loss due to hormonal factors: It can be seen in the absence of thyroid hormones.
  • Hair loss due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies: It can be seen in case of iron, zinc, biotin and similar deficiencies.
  • Hair loss also seen after febrile illness and infection.

Scarring hair loss

All the above-mentioned shedding types are reversible hair losses depending on a reason. However, in scarring hair loss, scar tissue is formed due to the disease in the skin, and this tissue irreversibly destroys the hair follicle. In this type of shedding, it is very difficult to replace the shed hair. Treatments are mostly aimed at stopping the disease.

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