What is it?

It is a skin disease that manifests itself as red spots, black or white spots in highly fatty areas of the skin.

What are the symptoms?

They appear as blackheads, pus-filled red swellings, and sometimes as cysts and nodules.

Why does it occur?

The most important reasons are the increase in sebum production and hormonal changes in the skin during puberty. However, there are acnes, which are seen in the course of some diseases, caused by products applied to the skin from the outside or some drugs taken orally.

Why should it be treated?

Especially in adolescence and severe acne, it can leave scar tissue on the skin that cannot be treated afterwards. At the same time, an appearance that is not aesthetically pleasing also affects the self-confidence and social relations of the person, so it is important to be treated.

Whom can be applied to?

Anyone with acne problems is a candidate for treatment.

What kind of treatment is applied?

Apart from skin cleansing, local applications such as tonic, gel, and cream applied afterwards, peeling masks and light treatments can also be beneficial from time to time. Oral antibiotics or vitamin A treatments are also very useful in patients who cannot be affected by all these.

What should be taken care to?

Care should be taken to clean the skin. Pimples should never be squeezed. Some foods should be avoided as they increase acne. Everyone’s acne type is unique, only a dermatologist can determine which treatment is right for your skin. Treatment should not be applied without consulting a professional.

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