Callus and Wart Treatments

What are they?

Calluses are skin thickenings that occur in areas of the body that are subject to constant friction and trauma.

Warts are an infection of the skin by viruses.

What are the symptoms?

In general, the symptoms in the two conditions are the same: thickening and stiffness of the skin, and pain.

Why does it occur?

The situation in callus is a defense made by the skin to protect itself. However, over time, the thickening and hardening becomes such that the person also causes pain.

In warts, there is an infection caused by the HPV virus.

Why should it be treated?

Callus pain is very irritating, so it should be treated.

It is important to treat the wart immediately, as it is possible for the infection to be transmitted to other skin areas or to other individuals.

What kind of treatment is applied?

1. Medication: It is in the form of cream, solution or tape applications used on the diseased area.

2. Cryotherapy: It is the treatment of freezing the skin applied with nitrogen oxide gas or liquid nitrogen at -190 degrees. In this way, the affected area is destroyed and the lesion is fragmented.

3. Cauterization treatment: It is the method of burning the lesion with electrical energy.

4. Surgical treatment: total removal of the lesion. This treatment is applied only in calluses. In warts, it can cause the infection to spread around.

What should be taken care to?

It is necessary not to walk barefoot, not to wear other people’s clothes, and to avoid situations that cause trauma.

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